*This 2012 model was discontinued.  For newest version, go to SailTimerWind.com

The first anemometer in the world that can send wind speed & direction through the air to a smartphone or tablet like the iPad, iPhone or iPod.  It is wireless, solar-powered and waterproof.  No cables to install.  Just attach to the masthead with two screws, and start using it. 

Standard GPS chartplotters do not account for the tacking distances when calculating a sailboat's ETA.  SailTimer™ software solves this problem, with a display of the optimal tacks, distances on each tack, and Tacking Time to Destination (TTD). Now sailors can continually update the optimal tacking calculations as the wind changes, with data sent magically through the air from the SailTimer Wind Vane.

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  • 300 feet line of sight transmission range.
  • Recharges 8 hours of sailing in 1 hour of direct sunlight.
  • Lasts 65 days on full battery charge (520 hours).
  • 20-year lifespan estimated for the lithium batteries.
  • Deep sleep:  Wakes up every 8 seconds, to check if Base Unit is there.
  • Power sipping:  Turns on for just a few milliseconds to transmit data.
  • No wires to install down mast or through boat.
  • Works in sub-zero temperatures, so can also watch winter storm winds in off-season.
  • Receive wind speed & direction on your mobile device in Android and iOS apps.
  • Send NMEA 0183 wind data to other marine electronics with SailTimer app (see FAQs).


This small blue box runs on two AA batteries, receiving the wind data from the masthead. There is a close-up photo of the blue box here and a photo with the Wind Vane before it is attached with 2 screws to the masthead here.  There is a choice with these base units of wifi or Bluetoooth: 

  • Get the wifi base unit for smartphones and tablets running compatable apps like the SailTimer app for iPad and iPhone.
  • Get the Bluetooth version if you want to send wind data to an Android app like our free Wind Gauge, to iRegatta, or to our free Java ME app for phones like the Nokia S60. 

$799.00 US for the wireless anemometer and base unit of your choice. 2-year warranty.  Free shipping worldwide.
Plus, if you are not completely satisfied, just return within 30 days in original condition for a full refund.

Compare that price against other marine anemometers. This is the only one
that can send wind data through the air to an iPad or iPhone.
Most others require complicated wiring installations,
require the purchase of an LCD display,
and cost far more.

Online Ordering

Sorry - sold out, and now replaced by new version with
a lower cost and many innovations:  SailTimerWind.com

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