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The SailTimer Viewer app lets you use the SailTimer Wind Vane with your Android device. As you can see from the photos above, this is a standard anemometer display showing the apparent wind direction and apparent wind speed in knots.  Now with a night display too.

The SailTimer Wind Vane is easy to install, because it has no wires.  Now, with this app you can also use your existing Android smartphone or tablet, and don't need to pay for an LCD display in the cockpit.  Keep your smartphone or tablet dry with a waterproof DryPak for iPad/iPhone, a ziplock bag, or a pricier hard case from Lifeproof, Griffin or LifeEdge.

The free app SailTimer Wind Gauge app was originally for the Bluetooth version of our Wind Vane.  In addition to the Android smartphone above, here is data from the Bluetooth vane on a Samsung Galaxy Note2 tablet 

We are also working on wifi support in the app.  You may also be able to use the wifi version of the Wind Vane with other Android apps on devices with at least Android 4.0 ("Ice Cream Sandwich").  However, we still find some fragmentation with wifi on devices running Android 4.  For example, the Samsung Galaxy Ace2 can detect the Wind Vane's wifi (UDP) network, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note2 may not.  Fast Company magazine published a good summary of the problems with fragmentation and piracy on Android.  It is easier for developers to provide solid, secure products for iPad/iPhone/iPod, which is why apps tend to be more developed on iOS. 

Download the free SailTimer Wind Gauge app

The app is small (75 k) so downloads fast.  You can download it in a .zip file directly from the link above.  Unzip it on your computer, and then sync it to your Android device.  Or download on your Android device in the browser, and open it from the Downloads app. 

To use the app, enable Unknown Sources on your device. This setting is available by going to Menu - Settings and then looking in Applications or Security for "Unknown Sources" (this checkbox must be ticked). This setting allows installation of non-Market/Play apps.  When you launch the app, you must enable the Bluetooth (if it’s not enabled by default, there will be an automatic popup screen asking to enable Bluetooth).  Then select Menu->Make Discoverable. After this has been done, you can turn on the Base Unit and pair it with phone.

There are no charts available in this app.  We would like to add charts to the Android app the same as in our iOS app.  SailTimer Inc. licenses the charts from governmnent hydrographic offices, and needs to ensure that they are not pirated (or the governments would revoke our licensing, which wouldn't be good for anyone).  Because Android is more open, we are working on a way to protect the chart data from being distributed online.  That is not a concern with our app in iTunes, but it is something we need to solve before adding charts to the Android app.



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