Other Apps that Work with the SailTimer Wind Vane

The SailTimer Wind Vane uses wifi port 55554, and UDP (which means that multiple devices can receive the wind data simultaneously).  For iOS apps, don't forget to select the SailTimer Wind Vane as your wifi network in your iPad/iPhone's Settings, before opening the app.  Note:  If you want to use multiple apps with the Wind Vane on iOS, you may need to hard-quit from the first app to release the wifi connection if it was still running in the background, before opening the second app.

The SailTimer app for iPad/iPhone/iPod is unique because it calculates your Tacking Time to Destination with the Wind Vane data, and displays your optimal tacks as overlays on hydrographic charts. For Android, we also have a traditional Wind Gauge app.  However, the SailTimer Wind Vane also works with a number of apps from other companies.  Many of the following third-parties mention the SailTimer Wind Vane on their web pages, because it is reliable and helps their app give you better results...  

Marine Instruments Display (MID) wifi:
The MID wifi app is available in iTunes.  Version 1.24.1 and above supports the UDP wifi broadcasts from the SailTimer Wind Vane. Click on the SET button at the bottom of the list (see screenshot), to set up the Wind Vane connection. Enter IP address, and specify port number 55554, as shown here.  That's it -- quick and easy (and you only need to do it once). This app has a nice wind gauge that shows the True wind direction and the variation in Apparent wind direction (screenshot). 

The iNavX app for iOS (version 3.6.5 and above) can receive the Wind Vane data.  Here are the set-up instructions for using the Wind Vane with iNavX.

The Wind Vane also works with iRegatta, as you can see from this screenshot (both Android and iOS).  Here are the settings to enter in the iRegatta set-up panel in the device Settings:  port 55554, UDP, and "Use NMEA info instead of GPS", as shown here.

Boat Instruments:
The Boat Instruments app (version 1.2 and above) for iPad/iPhone from marine chart partners Tucabo - Imray is also compatable with the Wind Vane, as you can see in this wind gauge screenshot and this setup panel.

SailTimer Viewer app for J2ME (Nokia) phones:
Java Micro Edition (previously J2ME) runs on feature phones from Nokia, Samsung, SonyEricsson and Motorola.  This app is designed to work on any J2ME phone with MIDP2.0, including Nokia S60 phones. As you can see from this photo, the wind speed and direction are both displayed.  You use the Bluetooth version of the SailTimer Wind Vane to send the data through the air to your phone.  Download the free jar file to your PC, which you can then transfer using a method such as Bluetooth or a USB cable for installing into the phone. Further information on installation is available here if needed. 

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